2. APSR
    1. Installation
    2. Configuration
    3. Overview
    4. Programs
    5. Scripts
    6. Web Interface
    7. External Systems
  3. BPSR
  4. Supsr Grid

Documentation for APSR

The ATNF Parkes Swinburne Recorder (APSR) is a next-generation baseband data recording and processing system currently under development in collaboration between Swinburne University of Technology and the Australia Telescope National Facility (ATNF).

The Installation section describes how to install the APSR software and configure other 3rd part software systems to work with the APSR software

The Configuration section details the configuraiton options for the APSR instrument based on site specific parameters

The Programs section includes information on the C programs that are the core units of the software backbone.

The Scripts section lists all the scripts/daemons that connect and control the various systems in the instrument.

The Web Interface describes the functionality available to a user of the instrument.