2. APSR
  3. BPSR
  4. Supsr Grid
    1. Supsr Setup
    2. Web Interface
    3. Scheduling
    4. Gridbus Broker
    5. Remote Resources
    6. Apsr Jobs

Supsr Grid


The Supsr Grid project which stands for Swinburne University Pulsar Grid, was created when it was discovered that the computing power at Parkes observatory, wouldn't be able to meet the processing requirements placed in by the new equipment ( APSR ). With having only the options of either processing the data when it is retrieved or committing it to the disk if the computer load is high, and having lots of available resources located remotely, arose the idea to distribute this work to remote resources, so that they can be processed off grounds and allow the cluster at Parkes to process a lighter load.

So from this, we can identify that the project is constructed to allocate sections of data to remote resources, so that they can be processed immediately rather than once the observation has finished. The data and resources however need to be able to be viewed to see what progress is being made during processing.


To faciliate the grid activities taken by this application, the Gridbus Broker framework was used to give the ability for Schedulingg and allow monitoring of submitted data.

So in order to submit sections of data to the external resources, its required that we can compose the data as individual blocks called jobs in the Gridbus system. This is so that each Job can be individually scheduled to a resource and be processed without external interference, as well as being able to be monitored.